The latest CIA Data ranks Tanzania as 12th in the world for highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate. School aged girls are at an increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS when they are forced to walk great distances to school or attend school in a country where society does not historically value them as much as they do their male counterpart. Girls may be abused on the way to school or even in their own classrooms. Despite these barriers, many girls desperately want an education so that they can create better lives for themselves and their families. After several years of visiting and working with women and girls in Tanzania through a university, one of our board members conducted research and found that one of the “solutions” to the barriers girls face in their education could be construction of a private boarding school for girls, as the barriers girls face (walking to school, harassment by male teachers and male students) could be prevented.

We, together with trusted partners and local community leaders, are committed to help bring about this school for girls in an effort to shine the light of the gospel into their lives. Currently two classrooms have been built and bathrooms are next on the list. We praise God for providing all that we have needed so far and trust Him to continue to provide all that is needed.

Ultimately, we want to see hope, redemption, and transformation take place in this remote island district of Tanzania, located on Lake Victoria. The school will be a safe place for local girls to learn, where they will be supported by caring female faculty. The vision for the Tumaini Jipya {New Hope} Secondary Girls’ School is that every pupil has the opportunity to receive a high-quality education, free of abuse and injustice, in a Christ honoring atmosphere that allows them to thrive. Foundational to the mission of the school is the longing to show these girls that they are deeply loved and were created by God for a purpose. Our prayer is that this school will serve as a conduit for them to learn truth, discover their inherent value, with results that will bless them and future generations for time and eternity.

Tumaini Jipya Secondary School for Girls is being built in a central location on the island, adjacent to several churches, a medical clinic, with electricity and water available (though a well will need to be drilled). In addition to classrooms, dining facilities, gardens, dormitories for girls, housing for teachers, a recreational area, and an area for meetings and performances will be on the campus. The school will begin with Form 1 students, which is comparable to the freshman year of high school in the United States, and will go up to Form 4, with the eventual hope of adding the first Form 5 and 6 school on the island. Grades will be added in phases, with approximately fifty girls selected each year, coming from all parts of the island district, from varying socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. ROCK International is excited to be a channel for the funds that will help bring this school to fruition.

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  • Please PRAY for the future of the school; in particular, for the volunteer committee and community leaders, for the planning, construction, and staffing of administration and teachers, and for the local girls that will attend!
  • Financial support is necessary to make this dream possible. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help with initial construction and associated costs.

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