Christian Evidences for Kids

Who Did It?

by Corrie Bramsen, May 2001


We see the world around us.

We’re awed by what it holds:

The tow’ring mountains, giant trees,

The seasons, hot and cold.

The animals and rivers,

The sun and blooming flowers,

The sand and wind, rain and snow,

The mighty ocean’s power.


We see the way our bodies work

To make all systems go.

The way we bend our knees and get

Our balance from our toes.

Our hearts stay busy day and night

To keep our life blood flowing.

The brain is the director

That keeps the whole thing going.


How does my brain remember

To tell the heart to pump,

The lungs to breathe, the eyes to blink-

And not mix the signals up?!

And I have a bigger question:

Who made it, anyway?

Who made my heart, who gave me life?

Who thought up ‘night’ and ‘day’?

They tell me it all came about

When molecules blew up.

And out of that explosion

Came the universe and stuff.

That doesn’t make much sense to me,

‘Cause every time I see

Something explode, the end results

Are more disorderly.


The incredible Grand Canyon-

There’s no way it was made

From a billion years of drip, drip, drip...

But a flood coulda’ carved the way!

And take a look at granite,

Which man cannot create.

It’s clear that Someone took it

From a liquid to hard state.


Have you ever realized

That our earth’s exactly placed

The perfect distance from the sun,

While hanging out in space?

If we were closer, we would burn;

Farther away, we’d freeze.

Now do you think a great Big Bang

Could’ve planned details like these?


Some people like to think that monkeys

Are our closest kin.

But it hits me kind of funny

To believe we came from them.

It doesn’t make me feel good

To be told my grandpa spent

His free time swinging from a tree.

Besides, it makes no sense!

I hear they can’t find fossils

To prove we came from apes.

And mustn’t there be evidence

In any good court case?


I’d rather think that Someone

Who cared about us all,

Took the time to make us

And our home, this big Earth-ball.

I like to think He made the fish

And mountains, skies and trees.

And most of all, I like the thought

He made us individually.


The Bible tells us it was God

Who formed all of our parts.

And our names and personalities

He knew right from the start.

He took the time and effort

To make me personally;

I’m not some random product

Of a blast of energy!


Some people will still tell you

That your grandpa was an ape.

And they’ll try hard to convince you

That the Bible’s out-of-date.

They want to get you to believe

You have no need for God.

And even more, He doesn’t exist.

That idea is a fraud!


It’s true that we can’t see Him.

Yet we know that He is real.

His hand is in creation,

In people, rocks and hills.

He proves it in the change He makes

When we give Him our lives.

He gives us peace and love and joy, 
We’re no longer scared to die.

Not only is God visible

In everything we see,

He guides and helps me every day-

That’s evidence for me!


This book is dedicated to Daddy and Mama,

who were the first ones to help me understand that "in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Thank you for teaching me, not only about our Creator, but about our Savior, as well.

I love you.



This book was written for Dr. David R. Reid’s Christian Evidences class, which he teaches at Emmaus Bible College.

I would like to thank "Dr. Dave" for his help, support, encouragement and suggestions throughout the duration of this project. This book would have never materialized if it hadn’t been for him!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the correcting and formatting of this text. I would like to say a special thank you to Mrs. Sue Tyler, who read through the first draft and suggested various improvements…many of which appear in the finished product.

My family also encouraged me greatly, eagerly awaiting "the printing" of this work. Their interest made it all the more fun.

Above all, I want to thank my Heavenly Father. When I stop and consider the wonders of our universe, the only logical conclusion is that there is a Creator God. It is an awe-inspiring thing to realize He has made it possible for me to have a personal relationship with Him!

My desire is that this book be used for His glory.